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Astor is a fictional island that was created by William Broncano. It is located in the east of England. It is home to Emilio and his friends.


The Beginning

According to the creator's inspirations, the island's history began when Sudrian discoverer Felix Edlington discovered a remote island near a strait between England and the island itself in 1476. He called the island 'As'. In 1502, an English discover, Martin the Great, discovered the eastern side of As but since Edlington discovered the western side of the island, he called the eastern side 'Tor'. The next year, in 1503, many discoverers discovered the island, but due to the territories that were claimed by Felix Edlington and Martin the Great, they sailed away.

The Unification of As and Tor

On October 6, 1506, the territories, As and Tor, began to unify, and the island received its own name: 'Astor'. The reason why the two territories were unified is because a lot of people crossed the border.

Astor's Population Increased

Because of the migration of English people, Astor's population rapidly increased in 1624. Astor's first airport was built in the north of the island. Foreigners came to visit the island.

Astor's Independence Declared from the United Kingdom

Astor gained independence in November 14, 1685 from the U.K., when the Astoric Government was formed. The first president, Yunj Kablacc, was elected, and he said his line when reporting his first speech.

"I am so glad that Astor finally gained independence from Britain. I can't believe that Astor became independent. Today, this marks the beginning of the life of Astor as a country."

Astor's Cities Founded

After the island's independence, in November 15, 1685, the Astoric Government founded new cities.

  • Brudhington
  • Sskoven [sh-koh-ven]
  • Giggadero [gee-jah-deh-roh] (now Eikton [eek-ton])
  • Midlands
  • Larikia [lah-rih-kee-ah]
  • Rutherford (now Sonen [soh-nen])
  • Bertram Bay

The Sudrian-Astoric War

Sodor, home of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, knew that Astor gained independence from the U.K., so the Sudrian Government decided that they will start a war between Sodor and Astor. The war broke out on April 13, 1687.

While the war broke out, the Astoric Government sent 1,000 tanks: 100 light tanks, 200 medium tanks, 400 heavy tanks, and 300 artillery tanks to Astor. They commanded 10,000 soldiers to prepare for the war. They also sent 1,000 fighter jets and 1,000 navy boats.

A lot of people died during the war. On June 9, 1692, Sodor gave up and Astor won the war. Kablacc said his line during the victory parade:

"Since Sodor gave up, we won the war. You did a very well done, soldiers. Now, we will celebrate. Victory!"

The Division

On May 3, 1697, on the day President Kablacc died, Astor divided into two countries: West Astor, and East Astor. They don't need to put governments in each country because both of them are part of the Astoric Government.

The Great Tornado of Astor

On February 17, 1713, 3 tornados began to form near the city of Rutherford, now known as Sonen. 2 hours later, more tornados form. The tornados struck in Brudhington, Midlands, Rutherford, and Giggadero. One out of 10 tornadoes transformed from a normal tornado to a fire tornado, causing about 23 houses and buildings set on fire. When all tornadoes collide, they form a very big tornado that struck the 4 cities. Many people died after the massive disaster.

The Claim

West Astor was claimed under Sudrian rule, when the Astoric president Richard Luppis reported that the Sudrian Government accompanied the western part of Astor.

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